Horse equipment



We manufacture leather articles to equip your horse, harnesses, saddles, bridles, guides, halters... .






Our creations are hand-sewn and the buckles come from the Poursin foundry in Paris.






We look for elegance, robustness and practicality in what we manufacture.








selle de randonnée en cuir

Here you are 

New carriages

We suggest for resale, horse-drawn carriages adapted for leisure by Rebulard and Dominiak. Two wheels or four wheels, for ponies, donkeys, horses or draft horses.


We also offer a front end for agricultural work.

For more information contact us.

Free quote on request.

Used carrages

In used car we currently have this two wheels.


- From pony size D draft horses size (700kg).


- 4 places (groom basket)


- Tyre wheels (inner and tyre)


- leaf springs suspension


 Ready to ride.



Gig Pouvreau 2 places

Poney size





Gig Aron 2 places

Horses size 1m60 and more (Adjustment under body).









Ardennais draft horse 18 month







Poudre et Belem,

2 year old Ardennes mares



D'autres chevaux disponibles sur demande

More informations or réservation contact : Julie.Wynands

By phone : 06 71 92 85 86 

By mail :


Ardennais draft horse 18 month.




You should not be surprised if all these horses are sold because before selling you a horse, we need to know your project