Discovery outings

We suggest you outings to share with friends or family. Come and walk to the rhythm of the horses for an outing of 2 hours or more!


découvery ride



We suggest you also outings with a nature guide in the hitch, with different themes: "plants in the time of the Merovingians", "An alien in our woods" (bilingual outing).


guided tours



Driving course and course

For all those who wish to learn to lead a team, we suggest you 2-hour lessons, one-day courses or more.

With differents themes of courses or internships:

Avec différents thèmes de cours ou stage

initiation or improvement in single driving

initiation or improvement in pair hitching


Skidding / market gardening

introduction to tandem

introduction to 4-person hitching


Working boarding

We suggest you work pensions, to break in or train your horses or donkeys. We allow you to learn or improve with your animals, by working with us.

working boarding 

Nos pensions travail

For more informations or reservations, please contact: Julie.Wynands

By phone: 06 71 92 85 86

by email: